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Vintage Staging to Relieve Anxiety…What?

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Have you ever looked around and felt extreme anxiety in your home space?

****Raises hand****

Things just don’t FEEL right, you can’t breathe, the fabrics are closing in on you, the tiny fleck of dirt on the carpet is magnified times 1,000,000 and you just can’t move freely in your space? No, this is not because you are being possessed by alien spacecraft, it is because your decor choices are actively BLOCKING. YOUR. VIBE.

For real. I know it sounds woo-woo but you can literally feel the shift.

I took the below photo right after I re-staged my entire parlor a few months ago. I was compelled to take the photo because of the instant relief that washed over me once my equilibrium adjusted and my space was under control-and I don’t just mean clean (although cleaning is crucial for energy flow and to really focus on your decor choices, and I will cover that in another blog post.)

Oftentimes we forget that we live in our homes but they are also places that need give back to us. Why else are we drowning in mortgages in rent-it is not just to have a roof over your head, its to feel relief when we walk into the space. Character in design choices, decor items and displayed treasures each have a story and spirit all their own, and curating the correct algorithm for all these will bring a sense of calm, accomplishment and pride in your space. I needed to adjust the flow in that parlor, change those vintage Hibriten mustard yellow chairs around, and strategically place things in my immediate vicinity that made me breathe easier.

Adjusting your space and displaying carefully curated items can absolutely change the way you feel not just in the room itself, but as you move through your day. Even one small change, like a haphazardly (but intentionally) thrown faux sheepskin coverlet will make a difference. Side note: soon as I casually draped that faux sheepskin, I wasn’t the only one that instantly relaxed.

Ava did too.

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