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Renovation Station, Party of 2

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

In March, right as the pandemic started, we had a huge rainstorm that flooded the basement of our old brick home. As far as life goes, it wasn’t a disaster, but it was a good reminder that our house had been leaking on the regular since we bought it four years earlier. We had been MacGyvering quick fixes for years that included plumber’s putty, an ugly funnel type thing outside made out of paver stones to redirect the water (angrily/lovingly dubbed The English Channel), a dehumidifier, Damprid, sheer will and finally the big guns: thoughts and prayers.

We had been thinking of turning the old one car garage into a bedroom and building out the breezeway between the house and garage into a boot room and bathroom, and suddenly, the water damage provided the answer.

As we stood in the basement surveying the damage, I said “Maybe we just need to take care of all of this at once, the water damage, the addition, the whole thing. I mean, we are here for the foreseeable future.” As is the case with every single great adventure John and I had ever embarked upon, large and small, stupid or smart, it always starts with me making a suggestion, John doing a detailed look at our financials, several panic attacks, one big argument and make up sesh, then finally a quiet moment (usually during morning coffee) when John finally up and declares, “I think we can do this!”

Look how relaxed and cute we were before we started massive renovations on an old home during a global pandemic.

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