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Rustic Interior Design


"There is no place like home."

- Dorothy Gale, Kansas - 

Gina Nicole Velosky

Prima “Picker-ina,” Treasure Huntress, Interior Visualizer, Proprietress,

Grand Nester

We have always been drawn to anything and all things with a story. Antique buttons, doorknobs, architectural salvage and chippy old furniture. Gina's favorite game as a child was staring into antique mirrors and picturing those who did the same exact thing, maybe even looking into the same exact spot in the mirror 100 years ago. What were they wearing? Who were they? What was their story?

Gina is a New Hampshire native, hailing from the land of Cape Cod cedar shingles, old New Englanders and 300+ year old farmhouses dripping with history and charm in addition to challenging old layouts and slanted ceilings. With a food design background in the world of haute cuisine, Gina served as the creative force on the marketing team for a Swiss Imports company that supports some of the best pastry chefs in the world. She traveled throughout Europe, working with their team of research and development chefs and food scientists branding and marketing new lines of delicious products and food styling for their flagship catalogs. Gina holds a BA from the University of New Hampshire, and an MBA from Mount Saint Mary’s University in Maryland. With a true passion for antiques, layout, texture, angle approach and the emotions tied to space, Gina has been styling cuisine and homes, including two of her own for over 10 years using mostly vintage and reclaimed items paired with modern furniture. She is a renovation warrior, having renovated her current pre-war home from top to bottom as well as her previous home. And...she is not done yet.

John also hails from "The Shire," having been born and raised amongst the tangled evergreen woods, the sugar shacks and the White Mountains. Growing up hiking, climbing, kayaking and exploring, John has a profound love and respect for our natural world. Understanding the need to continuously conserve and protect, John's heart and soul is in working with upcycled wood and pre-loved materials to create custom tables and home items completely unique to any space. We have often joked that we would need 50 homes to accommodate all the incredible farmhouse/industrial/French provincial pieces he keeps churning out! An expert kayaker and rock climber with a background in teaching experiential and environmental education, John teaches in DC at one of the top private high schools in the country. He impresses upon his students the importance of being responsible stewards of our environment.  John holds a BA in Psychology and Brain Sciences from Dartmouth College and an M.Ed with a focus on Environmental Education from Slippery Rock University. As a husband, partner, best friend and co-designer to Gina, John brings warmth as a vintage treasure hunter, woodworker, problem solver, antique mirror hauler and lover of older homes with smaller, cozier spaces.

John Stephen Velosky

Self Proclaimed "Shop Boy," Builder, Tinkerer, Woodworker, Proprietor,

Vintage Archaeologist

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