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 eco-conscious home designs and décor, created and curated with love

Red Bird
The Little Blackbird Co. LLC
Nest Design Philosophy

We are a deep believers in energy philosophy and know the most important and influential energy is the space you CREATE and CURATE around your immediate self ~ in your sphere, in your home. Your nest. Curating and creating a positive flow highlighted by uncluttered spaces and anchored by unique decor and pieces (house jewelry as we like to call it) will change the way you feel about entering and enjoying your home.

Every well designed nest starts with a special keystone that is already unique to you. An architectural element in your home, a view,  a color, a memory, or even a special piece of fabric from your grandmother. In order to love and to create your positive, tranquil space that complements your personal energy, we focus on re-purposing, reclaiming, mending, darning and refurbishing certain special elements in your space and fusing them with new decor and design to create something fresh and emotionally grounding. Calm, peace, and a sense of safety all starts in your home space and extends outward into other areas of your life: work, relationships, mental and physical health. Spacial grounding is more important than ever- not only in interior design choices but also in today's over scheduled and overly stressed society.

We are here to help you create sacred sanctuaries in your home with lovingly curated decor, both vintage and modern, styling tips, renovation support, advice on mindfully placed home energy, custom tables and woodworking projects and de-cluttering and spacial coaching.


We can’t wait to share our passion for nesting with you and launch into your home styling projects.

Corner of a Stylish Living Room
Living Room
White Bathtub
Rose 2
Rose 3
Rose Leaves
Illustrated Rose Bud

let us create your dream space


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Silver Spring, MD 20901

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